‘Big Brother 23’ spoilers: Tiffany tries to ‘work my little magic’ to flip the vote

    You knew it was coming. Tuesday saw the beginning of Tiffany‘s quest to flip the vote to save Derek X. on “Big Brother 23,” which is still a white whale, but you can’t fault a girl for trying and keeping things remotely interesting.

    Tiff took a different tactic this time than the usual direct suggestion or “planting seeds” method. She knows if she outright pushes for DX to stay over Claire to the Cookout that it will not only not work but eff up her game even more once DX is gone and won’t be there to help her. So her gambit now is to play defeated. She told Xavier, Kyland and Derek F. that she’s not campaigning for Derek X. and she’s fine with evicting him because she’s “not in a position to call any shots” since she hasn’t won anything. Again, and Big D has? She doesn’t want them to look at her as an emotional player or as a troublemaker so she’s going to shut up. This is not a terrible play since it would disarm the Cookout guys into thinking they’re all set and it also feeds into their egos that they (read: X and Ky) are carrying the team. The Cookout men constantly drag the ladies for not pulling their weight (true, they suck at comps) that veer into misogynistic territory because, again, what has Big D done? But that divide has made the Cookout a three vs. three at this point.

    And since she knew we were all definitely confused, Tiff immediately cam-talked that she is trying to flip the vote, but she’s going to do it by advising DX on his campaign rather than campaigning for him. “I promised Ky and X that I won’t say anything to them regarding campaigning to keep DX here, and I won’t… not to them. I didn’t say I won’t help DX build his campaign. My mission for the next two days is to give Derek X his campaign pitch for Ky and Xavier,” she said. “Let me work my little magic. Sprinkle little seeds among the Cookout. I am not giving up. … I don’t want Derek X to go.”

    Tiff added that she didn’t go there to “sunbathe and just let everyone do what they want to do,” and while she doesn’t want to end up in jury, she’s fine with it as long as she played her hardest. “I did my part and I apologized. I won’t talk about it with [the Cookout] again, but it doesn’t mean I’m going to let DX just walk out that door without putting in a great effort to stay here,” she continued. “I won’t try to convince the six, but I will try to give him his pitch and a nice convincing story so he can do his job to convince the six.”

    Her first piece of advice for DX was to steer his target away from Kyland and toward Sarah Beth and Alyssa. DX pitched to Azah, Xavier and Derek F. throughout the day. The one with X predictably did not go great since he’s the one who wants DX out the most. Azah was nearly swayed and cam-talked that she was torn, but then X came along and for now nipped it in the bud. Big D wouldn’t stop bringing up that DX tried to flip the house against Big D last week (but so did Claire, so…), but then he and Ky acknowledged that booting DX is not ideal for either of their games.

    DX is going to save his pitch to Ky, whom he thinks is the fourth vote he can get (assuming he’s got Tiff, Azah and Hannah, who’s trying to hedge her bets with both sides), for Wednesday after X goes into 24-hour solitary confinement. Honestly, he should’ve waited until X went in there for all his pitches so no one could chat with X afterward. X’s confinement is supposed to end in time for him to cast his vote on Thursday, so a lotta sh– can go down when X is gone if DX (and Tiff) plays this wisely. You can bet your ass X is already anticipating this, so he’ll for sure have some final chats with everyone before he gets locked up Wednesday afternoon. Ky has discussed possibly throwing a sympathy vote to DX — they don’t really care if it’s not unanimous as long as DX goes — but he also told Azah that he would like this eviction to go his way since he had the responsibility of managing this HOH, to which Azah said was fine. The audacity of this man. As if the trend of “voting the way the HOH wants” wasn’t bad enough, now we’ve got a request for people to “vote the way the guy who manipulated the HOH wants.”

    Chances are Derek X. will come up short because we can’t have nice things and because there has not been a successful vote-flip yet this season. Part of that is because of the Cookout’s commitment to the six, and the guys are the most unswayable here. The Cookout women are really stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they bail on the Cookout for the betterment of their individual games, they’ll be guilt-tripped for betraying the cause. If they stick with the Cookout, barring the the very unlikely scenario (TM Jozea) that they beast out in comps from this week forward, they’ll just be checkpoints for the Cookout guys to steamroll to the final three. But for Derek X., being on the block against a non-Cookout member and having Tiff as his campaign manager and X in 24-hour confinement is not a bad hand to play with to have a shot.

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